About Mark

Mark Davies is the founder of The Virtual IT Director, Speaker, Author and keen follower of Technology, he is also the creator of Interviewing to Succeed and is a husband and father of 3.

The Virtual IT Director is a service for companies that want corporate level technology, corporate ways of working and corporate level results but yet aren’t able or willing to commit to having a full time board level IT Director or CIO. These are usually companies in growth and are looking to increase their results.

He has been involved in information technology for over 30 years starting on micro computers in his early teens and has since worked in the corporate world for over 25 years, including IBM, HP, Boeing, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s from Retail to Insurance from Airplanes to Investment Banks he has seen most ways of delivering IT services. He’s seen what works and knows what doesn’t!

He has worked in positions where he would become the trouble shooter and has been flown around the world many times to drop in and fix seemingly ‘unfixable’ problems all at a moments notice. His ability to achieve these results he says are never just down to knowledge but always was always down to methods and knowledge.

He truly believes that IT is not about information, it’s not about technology or even the systems that support it, IT is about people. He has seen IT people take one hour of time and have it save over 2000 hours per month of business time and I’ve seen IT people take 200 hours to fix something that could be done in an hour with the right approach.

He has created the TeamTechnology™ methodology which will help companies to grow their business, get to where they need to be today and get much greater value from their existing IT systems and people.

Mark has always had a passion for technology from starting in electronics from age 9 then moving on to having one of the holy trinity micros (Apple, Commodore PET and TRS-80) he turned into a geek when it wasn’t fashionable. Now oddly it seems to be more fashionable, especially if you have a Mac!

Having spent many years as a geek and introverted ‘mechanic’ (wealth dynamics) he wanted to find another way and studied many many books and products on self development, NLP, Psychology and even Neuro Science.

He found that real success is only achieved if you bring the team with you and that task and project focused results only work for a while. He has been a CIO and CTO for various organizations and in his spare time went on to become the Chairman of the YES Group London, the UK’s leading personal development community.

The YES Group allowed Mark to lead a team and create amazing events each month which helped many people change their lives.

In 2010 Mark started interviewing top level people and personalities in the world of leadership, technology and personal development and this lead him to develop the system behind ‘Interviewing to Succeed’, a means of using interviews to develop your profile, increase your exposure and grow your business and profits.

Today Mark can be found building and working on the development of the Virtual IT Director, speaking about technology and helping people grow their businesses by Interviewing to Succeed. Together with meeting and interviewing amazing people himself to expand his knowledge and to share success stories and techniques.

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