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Yes, No, Yes…

The other week I was reading the BBC news website and I read an article by Lucy Kellaway of the FT. The article was titled “The Seven Deadly Sins CEO’s won’t admit” and it highlighted the 7 traits that seem to define a CEO. They were Control freaks Vain Ditherers Bad at listening Bullies Afraid [...]

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Get This Party Started…

Last Sunday it was my 3 year old daughters birthday party and so to avoid mayhem and carnage at home we hired a local village hall. On arrival the hall seemed cold, large and empty and so we quickly set up the tables and chairs, balloons and a children’s entertainer set up at the front. [...]

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Shouting is NOT Leadership!

I was reminded recently of an excellent example of a management style which can be seen demonstrated in most, if not all organisations, at least some times. The reminder came in the form a of TV show which is known for it’s satirical view on life, Blackadder. In the episode concerned (Dual & Duality) Edmund [...]

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