Little action, Big effect

Yesterday I went into London on the train, as I often do, and usually I keep myself to myself, head down in a book, and everyone ignores me as I do them. It’s the way of the world in most Cities, you do your thing, they do theirs and no one speaks to no one! However, yesterday was different, yesterday the world seemed a better place, yesterday people looked at me, they smiled and some even spoke to me! Wow what happened, this is a really lovely friendly place to be. I’ll tell you what happened, I took my two beautiful little girls, (Emilie 2 1/2 and Amelia 8 months). They always cause people to look and smile but this is the first time I had taken them to the City and actually watched other peoples reactions to them, it was a real eye opener.

So what really happened, why did otherwise ordinary miserable, mind your own business, don’t speak to me people change their behaviour? Well I think the answer is really quite simple, they got a change of state. It was forced upon them by something so natural and  so instinctive they had little choice. It was something that triggers a reaction in almost ever human being that is put there to force our species to survive by nurturing and caring for young offspring. It was just a smile from a little girl but in that moment it changed peoples lives, albeit only slightly and albeit temporary but it made people smile back.

Just think what could be done with that power, we could all take our toddlers to work, or borrow a puppy or other small furry animal, or perhaps more simply and realistically we could all just smile a little more, a little more often and maybe your day could be brighter like mine was.


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