Get This Party Started…

Last Sunday it was my 3 year old daughters birthday party and so to avoid mayhem and carnage at home we hired a local village hall. On arrival the hall seemed cold, large and empty and so we quickly set up the tables and chairs, balloons and a children’s entertainer set up at the front.

At the appointed hour 25 children plus parents arrived and the party really got going, they played, shouted, jumped, skipped sung and had some food, and the children had fun too.

After the two hours we sent them all home with a small gift, some cake and a big thank you, then it was up to us to clear up the mess!

As I was sweeping the floor the hall seemed cold and empty again, and it made me realized that life starts out of emptiness, and becomes a place of promise and potential, then ends as a cold room with lots of dust, and rubbish collected along the way. But the important part is the long bit in the middle, the fun part, the PARTY.

The best parties are the ones where everyone joins in, they all have fun, build friendships and bonds, play games, cry a little, when someone burst your balloon, and smile and laugh a lot. And finally go off happy with fond memories that live on forever.

Perhaps we should all try and live life like a party, not to milk it for self indulgent hedonistic pleasure at the expense of others, milk it yes, but share with others the pleasure you create.

How long after the dust has settled will your party be talked about?



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