Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur and event producer. After seeing more than 100,000 business people networking at his events, Daniel started to notice that some people were magnets for opportunity while others seemed to walk away empty handed over and over again.

From his experience working along side some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, authors and speakers Daniel knew there were 5 keys to becoming a Key Person of Influence in any field fast.

Daniel Priestley is passionate about the changing nature of business and work. In 2006 he predicted an “Entrepreneur Revolution” would begin to take hold where regular people could start great small businesses based upon their passion rather than working in stale offices of big corporations.

He believes that never in history has there been a better time to tap into your passion and inspiration to form an enterprise that sets you free from “work”. However, before you can truly make it a success you need to become known as a Key Person of Influence in that field.

Mark Davies talks to Daniel Priestley on how anyone can become a Key Person Of Influence. Listen today and find out how you can very soon be operating at the inner circle of your chosen business or career.


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