Keith Cunningham

keith cunninghamKeith Cunningham is a very successful entrepreneur, business man, Business coach and mentor, international speaker and author. He speaks for both Anthony Robbins and T. Harv Eker at their events and he is in effect the “Rich Dad” in Robert Kiyosaki’s now famous book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It was Keith’s ideas which allowed Robert to write that book.

He has made and lost and made, millions of dollars and so he has a profound understanding of what creating wealth and success in business really mean. As Keith says, making a successful business and building the bank balance isn’t that difficult, the real trick to success is learning to keep the wealth, “No one wants to get fit for just one month”, it needs to be sustained.

In todays show Mark Davies talks to Keith about some of his ideas which help make any business more successful. Keith will also give his thoughts on some things which he has a somewhat differing view to the norm such as working with passion, and building passive income.

Keith is still a very active business man but he also spends a lot of his time giving back and teaching what he knows, through his speaking engagements and his own 4 day MBA which he runs 4 times a year from his base in Austin TX. In this he teaches the essentials to understanding and running a business, which are rarely understood fully by business owners.For more information please look at Keith’s web site

In a world were information for businesses is plentiful and often conflicting, Keith gives it to you straight in a no nonsense common sense way, and always with his usual passion and flair.

Keith Cunningham

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