Topher Morrison

topherDr Topher Morrison is a professional international speaker and best selling author of the book Stop Chasing Perfection and SETTLE FOR EXCELLENCE. He is also a world class trainer of professional speakers.

Topher talks with Mark Davies on the value that can be gained in your life and in your business just by adopting a few simple tips and techniques.
YOU may not think you are a public speaker but most of us rely on speaking to get us to where we want to be. Whether it is a presentation in the office, speaking to someone you just met, or if you work in sales then you will have plenty of opportunities to allow speaking to control your destiny.

Settle for Excellence

Topher will share with you the simple secrets that can transform your day to day life and could start you down a path of wanting to learn more and more on how to speak in public. If like me, you want to learn more after you listen to the show then Topher has plenty of free resources on his websites to help develop anyone with an interest, into a better, more confident and more powerful communicator. Which in todays world is an invaluable skill.

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Topher Morrison

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