Haider Imam

Haider ImamHaider Imam is an award winning trainer, author of the book 47 moments of inspiration,
and coach to corporates and individuals. His expertise is influence and he uses the latest applications from Social Psychology, NLP, Neuroscience and other disciplines to transform personal influence, sales, negotiation and leadership results, fast.

His company, So In Flow, provides a solution for professional individuals and
forward-looking organisations looking for successful results through a fresh,
new, inspirational approach.

In today’s world we all interact with more and more people both physically and virtually
and it is vital that to maximise our own success we need to be aware of and in some cases
master the skills of influencing. Whether it is getting a new job, asking for a raise, taking your business to the next level, or just getting the kids to go to bed, we could all use a boost in our power of influence.

Join Mark Davies today as he speaks with Haider about some of the simple things we can do and to hear some of the latest research into this area, if it’s something Barack Obama is using then it is something we should all use.

To learn more about Haider and So In Flow please take a look at his web site www.SoInFlow.com and check out his book on Amazon.

Haider Imam

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